JobSampo is a premium WordPress plugin that delivers unparalleled automation for your Job Board website, transforming it into a powerful, income-generating platform.

πŸš€ Compatible with WP Job Manager and Leading Job Board Solutions

πŸ“Š Real-Time Queries to Job Data

πŸ” Automated Data Staging with Scheduled Imports

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how it works

How it works

JobSampo makes running your site easy!

JobSampo is designed to make running your job board website a breeze. Let’s dive into the key features that make JobSampo your ultimate automation solution:

Query Dashboard

Unlimited Query Entries

Keyword Allowlist

Alerts & Logging

Automated Imports

Date Posted Filter

Job Listing Duration

Geolocation Data

Unleash your website’s revenue-generating potential

JobSampo revolutionizes your job board website, unlocking its hidden revenue-generating potential. With sophisticated automation and seamless integration, JobSampo paves the way for maximum income and minimum effort.

Fresh Job Listings Regularly

Customized Search Parameters

Enhanced Data Quality with Keyword Allowlist

Data Transformation & State Mapping

Scheduled Automated Imports

Email Alerts & Detailed Logging


The right tool for your job board

We offer two version of JobSampo; Free and Professional.



Unlimited Query Entries

WP-Cron Queries

WP-Cron Imports

Custom Data Directory (coming soon)



Query Dashboard

Unlimited Query Entries

Automated Queries

Automated Imports

Keyword Allowlist

Date Posted Filter

Job Listing Duration

API Endpoint for Cron jobs

API Logging

Email Alerts

Geolocation Data

And More!


Does JobSampo require any other plugins?

Indeed, for a fully automated job board website, we recommend installing JobSampo with WP Job Manager and WP All Import. Although WP Job Manager is our top recommendation, JobSampo is also compatible with various other WordPress job board plugins.

What kind of hosting is required for JobSampo?

We recommend a minimum of VPS hosting however JobSampo has been shown to work on shared hosting plans. Shared hosting plans may require the ability to increase the maximum execution time depending on the number of queries.

If you’re new to VPS hosting we can confidently recommend InMotionHosting.

Do you offer support?

We offer 30 days of email support to all JobSampo customers. We also offer a yearly support plan that comes with unlimited email support and plugin updates. Support hours of operation are Monday-Friday 8am to 7pm EST.

What is the Job Search API and how do I sign-up for it?

The Job Search API, an independent service offering real-time job information directly from Google, is owned and managed by a third party. A variety of subscription plans are available, including a Free plan that allows for 200 API calls each month. The Free plan should be adequate for updating niche job boards with fresh listings daily. Click here to learn about current subscription details.

How is JobSampo priced?

JobSampo is offered as a one-time purchase that comes with 30 days of email support and no entitlement to future updates. Plugin updates and support are optional and delivered via a secondary offering which is renewed on a yearly basis.

What is your refund policy?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide refunds for any transactions, as our products are subject to the licensing conditions of WordPress and related works, which fall under GPL licensing.


JobSampo is a high-quality WordPress plugin that greatly enhances the functionality and effectiveness of WordPress job boards.